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Poreč. Istria. Croatia.

Istria, also known as the "tuscany of Croatia", is from year to year more popular. After Dubrovnik, Poreč is the most visited city in Croatia.

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Did you know? You are visiting a city with more than thousend years of history.

Poreč developed on a small symmetrical peninsula long before the arrival of the Histrians, an Illyrian tribe. Today the centre of the old city is located on this small peninsula. With the arrival of the Histrians the area surrounding the present-day city was settled, and thanks to a naturally protected harbour the construction of a harbour-centre was enabled and Poreč could develop unhindered. Preserved records by Ancient Greek historians and geographers from the 6th and 4th centuries BC mention a small fishing village, and archaeological findings tell us of the homes of the people of the time..
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Traveling in any new region, cuisine is a perfect way to capture the essence of the place. With diversity at the heart of Istria, you'll delight in new culinary experiences and reconnect with traditional flavors. We invite you to discover our rich gastronomic heritage, culinary icons, food and wine events and celebrations, restaurants and taverns.

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